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Parkour & Freerunning

Flite First

Flite first introduces our little athlete’s to the fundamentals of movement through creative and playful challenges. Children under 4 years are building & setting foundational movement skills and more importantly falling in love with playful movement. 


flite jnr

Flite Junior expands on the foundations of moving by developing fundamentals of physical exercise. Run, climb, jump, roll, catch, throw, strike, kick. This physical literacy provides the base of all future sports and impacts the young athletes future sport development. Our coaches are trained to lead with a Creative person centered approach set in a low pressure and highly fun teaching setting. 




flite freerun

Flite Freerun’s four level teaching curriculum allows our young athletes to focus on expanding their Parkour skill set. Identified as one of the leading sports to establish speed, agility, strength and self confidence. This is the ultimate activity for any child who wants to improve their movement set in safe, challenging and fun classes.

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Fitness Classes & Bootcamps

Flite fitness classes introduce basic parkour and calisthenics skills with the aim to improve overall strength and fitness. Group classes feel closer to a fitness boot camp than a parkour academy and are designed to compete with those that enjoy crossfit style training but want to develop better body control, core strength, flexibility and athletic power in running, jumping and climbing.


Accelerator courses

We schedule accelerator courses to help groups of students level up more easily. Towards the end of a certain level, often students struggle with one or two skills and the accelerator courses are designed to break through the issues to move up to the next level of our program.


Personal training

1-1 training sessions are available in parkour or general fitness for children and adults. These sessions are sold in 30 or 60 minute blocks and can be used to work on a specific skill or overall improvement.


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